Drishti Art Centre is one of the foremost art organizations in India, recognized for its sustained promotion and propagation of Bharatanatyam, one of the popular Indian classical dance forms. Drishti Art Centre provides opportunities for innovation and creativity in all its training as well as performing activities.

The objective of any artist or organization should be to create more rasikas or art-lovers for perpetuation of art in society. The objective of Drishti Art Centre has always been to project Indian classical dance, especially Bharatanatyam,  as aesthetically as possible, not only to inspire artists and art lovers, but also to popularize it among common people. We have largely succeeded in reaching out to all sections of society through our dedicated efforts with various activities conducted over the years.

Drishti Art Centre’s National Award-winning Training in Bharatanatyam

Located in Sahakarnagar, Bengaluru, India, the training wing of Drishti Art Centre, imparts training to over 400 students in Bharatanatyam, in its own serene dance space, Drishti Dance Studios. Through Drishti Art Centre, which she nurtures and guides, Anuradha Vikranth, an accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer, works to bridge the gap between art, artists and art lovers. Drishti Art Foundation (the trust behind Drishti Art Centre) was awarded the National Education Excellence Award 2019 as the Best Classical Dance Training Institute, by the National Press Council of India and the Newspapers Association of Karnataka.

Drishti Dance Ensemble, the popular performing troupe of Drishti Art Centre

A popular performing unit of Drishti Art Centre, Drishti Dance Ensemble offers Indian classical dance that blends both traditional and creative dance forms. Their mission is to distil the essence of Indian classical dance and present it in creative ways to reach more people. Over the last 15 years, Drishti Dance Ensemble has travelled all over India and abroad, winning appreciation from artists and art lovers, connoisseurs and media for their performances at dance festivals, dance events and dance programmes conducted by various cultural organizations, dance institutes, government institutions and corporates.