The current issue of Drishti has the usual bag of interesting, informative and instructive articles. We are proud to feature a fascinating chat with one of the most loved dance gurus of Bangalore, Guru Narmada. Belonging to a rapidly-becoming-extinct breed of teachers who selflessly give and share all they know, Guru Narmada has touched and influenced the lives of most of the famous Bharatanatyam dancers today. The world needs more gurus like her for the arts to flourish with happy, creative artists.

With his wry comments and insights, Ashish Khokar takes you on a journey of the trends today in ‘Indian Contemporary Dance’. You will be better informed and well-armed before you attend the next contemporary dance event.

Dr R. Sathyanarayana, the art scholar, has traced the origin and the growth of Bandha dance in a well-researched, interesting article that will be continued in the next issue. There is more on origins of dance with Kathak exponent Maya Rao writing about the origin of Kathak.

From this issue, Drishti begins two new series: Legends of our Land and Timeless Indian Traditions.

A translation of Heeriya Hejjegalu written in Kannada by eminent scholar Prof. S. K. Ramachandra Rao (published by Ananya), Legends of our Land features musicians who have made pioneering contributions to the development and growth of classical music. The first legend featured is Raallapalli Anantha Krishna Sharma.

Timeless Indian Traditions throws light on and delves into the significance of some of our traditions that enchant and captivate us even with all the modernity and change pervading our lives. The series begins aptly with ‘Why do we light the lamp?”

Chennai is reputed for offering a feast in November-December to art lovers – the choicest, innumerable music and dance events all over the city. Well, this year Bangalore has many exciting programmes for you, some jotted down in Aagman.

An Important Announcement: Expressions (calendar 2005)

Popularization and propagation of classical dance being one of its objectives. Drishti has collaborated with Ananya-GML Cultural Academy in producing a beautiful calendar, for 2005, on classical dance forms in India. The calendar will be released on November 5. The proceeds from the sales of the calendar will be used to build the dance archives at Ananya Sangraha. We are sure you as well as your near and dear will buy the beautiful calendar to support the cause.

Festivals galore and lots of exciting programmes in music and dance in the next couple of months should keep everybody in high spirits! Best wishes from all of us.

T. M. Vikranth & N. Narayan