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A biography titled GURU MAYA RAO by art historian and critic Ashish Khokar was launched on May 1, 2004, at The Park, Bangalore. Writer Shashi Deshpande released the book. Artist S G Vasudev & Mahesh Dattam, playwright, director & Chairman, Natya Institute of Kathak and Choreography, received the first copy. Earlier, Chief Minister Sheila Dixit launched the book on April 22nd at Delhi. Veteran critic Subbudu received the first copy.

The book puts on record the life of the internationally renowned Kathak guru and choreographer, Maya Rao, an individual who has steered a distinctive and independent course in Indian dance. The Ashish Mohan Khokar Pioneers of Indian Dance series is a historical analysis and compilation on the life and times of dancers who have contributed significantly to the understanding & enrichment of the art form they have chosen to make their life. Guru Maya Rao is the first of Ashish Khokar’s Pioneers of Indian Dance series. Guru Maya Rao ranks amongst those leading lights who mastered both traditional and contemporary art and furthered the cause of dance appreciation and education.

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There has been a lot of apprehension in the minds of people whether the sixth issue of attendance, India’s only yearbook on dance would be released. We have good news for them: attendance 2003-04 is out.

“Attendance was ceasing publication due to financial constraints but several readers wrote in offering practical support and insisting that we continue and here we are with 6th issue” says Ashish Khokar, editor, attendance.

attendance 2003-4 was released by sheila Dixit, the Chief Minister of Delhi, on April 22,2004.

attendance 2003-04 looks at the gender theme and is entitled – The Sacred and the Profane: The Male/Female Role in the Asian Performance Arts: Monk/Warriors for the male; Geisha/Devdasi/Courtesan for the female. It focuses on issues pertaining to transposition and transmission of traditional cultures in modern contexts.

All other regular features Year Round-up; awards, seminars, books and obits plus news and views from all over are featured. Shanta Serbjeet Singh, senior culture-columnist, critic and specialist-author is the Guest Editor of the issue and the list of contributors include Dr. Kapila Vatsayan, Dr. Dev Patnaik, Sharada Ramnathan, Renuka Narayanan, Dr. Parritta and many more.

This has been edited, compiled and published by Ashish Mohan Khokar.

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Padma Subrahmanyam’s book Karanas – Common Dance Codes of India & Indonesia in three volumes (Rs. 5000/-) will be available through ABHAI (Association of Bharatanatyam Artistes of India) at a special discount of 10% for its members. This magnum opus is the result of Padma Subrahmanyam’s intensive research for over three decades and is an updated version of her Ph.D thesis.
For copies, contact Roja Kannan (mobile: 9884098453) in Chennai, India


Learn Quest Academy of Music & Chinmayamaruthi jointly launched flautist Raman’s new CD on Navarasa on 7th April 2004, at Chinmayamaruthi Center, Andover. This is a fusion CD on Navarasa, the nine emotions. All the tracks in this CD are based on Carnatic ragas which represent the relevant emotions. Western instruments like keyboards and drums and other instruments along with Indian instruments have been used. This album can be used for depicting the rasas for dance too.

The nine emotions or nava rasa are: shingara (beauty/romance), Raga Behag; hasya (humor), Raga Kuntalavarali; karuna (sadness), Raga Sahana, raudra (anger), Raga Ranjani; veera (valor or heroism), Raga Atana & Shankarabharana; bhayanaka (fear), Raga RishabhaPriya; bibhathsa (disgust), Raga Lavangi & Saveri; adhbuta (wonder or surprise), Raga kadanakutuhala; and shanta (peace and tranquility), Raga Sama.

Raman is full time professional musician residing at Boston. He runs a school to propagate Carnatic music. The CD costs 12 $ in the US. It is available in India for Rs.150. For details, contact Raman, e-mail:


A book entitled Bharatanatyam, a text and digest has been authored by danseuse Vidushi Jayaa.

This book is designed to suit the mindset of the younger generation. This has been written in the form of questions and answers with summary and meanings for difficult terms. This book will be immensely useful for those who are interested in dance, scholarship interviews, and most importantly for the Bharatanatyam junior examination.

This book, written in Kannada and English, makes it useful for one and all.

For details contact MS Jayaa: 30, Sirur Park Road, Seshadripuram, Bangalore – 560020 Ph: 23442576 Email: