PHOcus – Photo Feature on upcoming artists – Pavithra Reddy

Pavithra Reddy, performed solo for the first time on December 27, 2003 at the NIAS Auditorium, IISc Campus, Bangalore. She is the first of a new generation of dancers from Nrityagram, to emerge under the tutelage of Surupa Sen and Bijayini Satpathy.

Pavithra came to Nrityagram in 1990, as part of the village outreach programme. If ever the words “Born to Dance” could be perfect for someone, she was the one! Her talent shone through in a class of over fifty students and in 1993 she was identified to receive individual attention.

At fifteen, she took her place amongst others, several years her senior in age and training. That was the beginning of the magic spell of dance. At Nrityagram, Pavithra worked ceaselessly to better herself. Her constant interaction with performers and teachers from all over the world has given an extra dimension to her skill. And living in a community dedicated to overall growth and creativity has provided her with the perfect opportunity to develop holistically.

She has met every challenge that has come her way and has taken her place in Nrityagram’s circle of life. In addition to being a lead dancer in the Nrityagram Dance Ensemble, Pavithra also heads the training programme in Bangalore.

“Pavithra is meant for Odissi and Odissi is meant for Pavithra” is perhaps the best way one can describe her as a dancer. The sensuousness of her form, combined with an innocence of spirit, serves as a perfect medium for the Odissi style.

A wonderful example of what those at Nrityagram strive to become, Pavithra has come a long way. She carries with her, the blessings of Gaurima (Protima Gauri), all her teachers and the dreams of all at Nrityagram.