AFFA – Artistes’ Foundation For the Arts

Do you want to do more than just swear your passion for the music, dance and arts of India, more than just being the connoisseur or rasika?

If an artist, do you want to do more than just perform?

Then you should get in touch with Padmini Ravi, Nandini Alva or Kumar Iyengar, the core group of AFFA. Passionate about our culture, strong-willed, exuding enthusiasm with a plethora of ideas and a penchant for action that’s Padmini Ravi, also a veteran Bharatanatyam exponent. A perfect counterpart for Padmini is Nandini Alva, an entrepreneur, an industrialist and organiser of various cultural events, who makes a success of anything she does, and, yes, she is also a Bharatanatyam dancer. Complementing the two is Kumar Iyengar, a theatre person, an artist, and a corporate professional who has worked with companies in India and abroad.

AFFA has been in the limelight for successfully organizing the mammoth, much enjoyed, first-time-in-a-millennium Bangalore Habba.

But AFFA is not just another of the myriad bodies, foundations, centers or institutes that do little other than proclaiming that their mission is to save, preserve and propagate India’s rich culture heritage.

Do you want to document masters of music, dance and arts to capture their greatness and ensure their relevance as long-term artistic resources for the future? You can try AFFA for guidance and support.

If an artist, would you like to explore an internship with a master in your field to learn more or develop new/innovative/creative works? AFFA could help you.

Do you have an original story or script? AFFA is ready to experiment with in-house productions, commissioned productions, and sponsored and customized productions to give opportunities to fresh and unrecognized talents.

So if you are a person with a bias for action and want to just do it now, contact AFFA,#16, 18th Cross, Malleswaram, Bangalore – 560066. Ph: 23310120