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The latest issue of Drishti was quite interesting with various topics and people being covered. The lithographs in Vincent Warren’s feature were worth looking at and it was interesting to read about the Indian influence on Western dance. One gets to read articles written by Mrs. Leela Ramanathan, but here it was good to read about her.

I would like to make a small correction in your report on “Role of Mridangam in Dance” conducted by Percussive Arts Centre. It is stated that Guru Narmada spoke in the seminar on the above topic. But the paper was compiled and presented by me (along with some demonstration supported by my classmate Padmini). Yes, Guru Narmada was there wielding the Nattuvangam.

Praveen Kumar
Bharatanatyam Dancer, Bangalore

Editor’s note: We haven’t stated that Guru Narmada spoke on the above topic. But we agree that we did not mention that the paper was compiled and presented by you.


I would like to congratulate you on the wonderful new endeavor you have embarked on with Drishti. I wish you all success.

Anita R Ratnam
Artistic Director
Arangham Dance Theatre, Chennai

At the outset I congratulate and appreciate you for having published such a beautiful and informative magazine in these hard times when it is difficult to bring out and maintain a magazine. An attractive cover page, good printing, useful information, and good articles contributed by eminent writers are the plus points of your magazine.

Success and popularity is possible only when all artists and art lovers become your subscribers, which I am sure will happen. Since you are a strong believer in the slogan “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success” you will definitely succeeed in this endeavor. All the best.

H.L.N. Rao
Founder Secretary
Aryabhatta Cultural Organisation, Bangalore

Bangalore was in need of Drishti.

In the vast ocean of Art, contributions have been made by many in terms of performances, seminars, festivals, workshops, choreography, and research…….but very few dare to take up this task.

While wishing you the best, I hope that Drishti lives long to contribute to the field of Art.

Vyjayanthi Kashi
Kuchipudi exponent, Bangalore

Drishti is a very colorful magazine and would contribute to making Bangalore culturally richer.

Padmaja Suresh,
Bharatnatyam Danseuse, Bangalore

Drishti has given a lot of information and inspiration to many artists. This magazine is encouraging many upcoming artists and also bringing back cherished memories for old artists. I wish the Drishti team all success.

Smt Narmada,
Bharatanatyam Guru, Bangalore


Drishti is certainly a great boon to the field of art. It is fulfilling a great need. The Aagaman section on forthcoming events is a great one. It would be nice if you also give information on musical instruments and on the grammar of dance and music, which would be a help to youngsters.

Dr Shivrama Krishnan
Management Consultant, Bangalore

Editor’s Note: Drishti will soon keep you informed about forthcoming events with greater frequency through its website http://www.drishtimag.com. Your valuable suggestions about new features are welcome and we will try to implement them.

All India Mag

I have a proposal. Can we not convert Drishti to cater to the requirements of the whole of the Indian art world? So far we haven’t had a magazine like Drishti in our country that could serve as a link between art, artists and art lovers. We can have reports on the dance festivals being hosted in India, profiles and interviews of dancers, reports on institutions, articles on art issues, addresses, information on forthcoming events….and many more.

Shyamhari Chakra
Culture correspondent, Indian Express, Bhubaneswar Edition

Editor’s note: This is just the beginning for Drishti. We would surely love to grow to cater to the requirements of the Indian art world. Thanks for the encouraging words.

For NRIs

I liked Drishti very much. It is a very compact and neat publication giving information about the art scene in Karnataka.

Perhaps you can have a section to include information and activities of NRI Karnataka artists. In order to rise above mediocrity, even if some express dissatisfaction about some published articles, you must welcome it as good criticism always helps one grow. I wish you good luck.

Malathi Iyengar
Bharatanatyam danseuse, USA

Editor’s note: If someone can correspond with us and provide information about art-related activities abroad, we would be delighted to feature it in Drishti.

The letters have been edited for brevity.