In Perfect Harmony…

Long before, this couple ever dreamt of giving shape to their dreams of dancing, destiny had a role for them – “Togetherness”. That their names are in perfect harmony is just one of the many traits this dancing duo share.

Kiran and Sandhya, one of the more promising pairs in the duet-dancing scene today, were guided in their formative years by Guru Smt Padmini Ravi of Bangalor. Their dancing skills were further honed into the speciality of duet dancing by the world renowned continuum of performances: The SAARC meet, Pandit Ravi Shankar’s ‘Ghanashyam’, The Hampi Utsav, The Spirit of Unity Concerts and the recently concluded Bharatanatyam Mahothsava, conducted by the Sangeet Natak Academy.

The Kirans have toured extensively abroad and performed in the USA, UK, Switzerland and Middle East. They are “A” Grade artists of Doordarshan and have been featured on several National and International television channels. Their dance show NATYANJALI presented on Udaya TV made waves for its unique and innovative concept. Kiran has also performed as the lead male dancer with the renowned danseuse and cinema star, Hema Malini in her dance productions SAVITRI and RAMAYAN.

Innovative choreography and imaginative presentations coupled with technical brilliance and sensitive, emotive potrayals have enthralled connoisseurs of art all over the world. Recognition has come in the form of coveted awards like the Karnataka Yuvak Biradari, Kala Arathi Rathna and Rotary awards for professional excellence.

Kiran & Sandhya’s labour of love takes on the form of RASIKA – the Kirans’ Academy of Dance. The ideology of its fabric is strictly entrenched in Indian textures, techniques and theory. The desired end product is a dancer, a good human being, a patron of the arts and hopefully a living, breathing storehouse of India’s rich cultural heritage.

The Kirans’ long-standing dream of restoring lost glory to the classical arts is being crystallized by their performances and teachings. With every performance, they have set new standards of perfection, re-inventing themselves and making classicism relevant in contemporary society.

Their incessant passion and effervescent enthusiasm have made the Kirans artists of rare caliber. Committed as they are to the traditional forms of dance, the Kirans fervently believe in moving ahead with the times… leaving a trail of footprints in the sands of time!