Shehnai virtuoso Ustad Bismillah Khan (1916-2006)

Where others see conflict and contradiction between his music and his religion, Bismillah Khan saw only a divine unity. “Music, sur namaaz is the same thing,” said the legend.

Shehnai maestro Ustad Bismillah Khan was one of India’s most celebrated classical musicians. The 91-year-old Bharat Ratna awardee passed away in Varanasi.

Vidwan H P Ramachar (1924-2006)

A percussionist who made South Indians proud, veteran khanjira artist, Vid H P Ramachar passed away on 23 June 2006 in Bangalore.

Guru H R Keshava Murthy (1919 to 2006)

A veteran who popularized Kannada compositions in Bharatanatyam, Bangalore-based Bharatanatyam guru H.R. Keshava Murthy passed away on July 22, 2006 at the age of 87. He established Keshava Nritya Shala, trained many dancers and popularized Kannada compositions and Bharatanatyam.

Sheni Gopalakrishna Bhat (1918-2006)

He dedicated his life to the promotion of Yakshagana for over 50 years. Renowned for his amazing talent to give newer and fresher meanings to ancient poetry and ancient characters, Sheni Gopalakrishna Bhat almost changed the form and nature of Yakshagana and made it a dialogue-centred (vak-pradhana) medium.