PHOcus – Photo Feature on upcoming artists (Aishwarya Nityananda)

Recently, as Hanuman in the dance-drama Hanumadvilasa, she left audiences in awe of her talent.

Critics and the audiences alike raved about her performance in the main role in a dance-drama Koloora Kodagusu. With B. K. S. Varma and Vidushi Vasantha Madhavi, she was involved in the presentation of a unique feature, Anthahapura Geethe, which involved a great combination of geetha, nrithya and chitra.

She has performed here, performed there, everywhere lauded by art lovers and the media – a long list of utsavs and festivals that any dancer would proudly include in her CV: ‘Music Academy, Chennai’, ‘Karnataka Utsav-Guwahati’, ‘Akhila Karnataka Nrithya Sammelana’, ‘Kinkini Festival’, ‘Hampi Utsav’, etc. She is a recipient of many awards including the prestigious MGR award instituted by the Music Academy, Chennai.

Must be from a family of artists, you think.

My father is a Chartered Accountant and Mother is an advocate, she says. My mother encouraged me to learn dance and music.

Aishwarya Nityananda was initiated into the art of Bharatanatyam and vocal Carnatic music at the tender age of four years. Yes, she sings too!

Understanding mother, you think. Backing her child to do something non-academic. Taking it easy about her academic life.

Class X (ICSE) – distinction. II PUC – securing 92%, first in her college.

Now in the 2nd year of the B. Com course in Vijaya College. Also doing the foundation course for CA.

But professionally, I want to take up my dad’s line, I want to be a Chartered Accountant, she says. Of course, I also want to do more and more dance programmes and explore that field.

A mother can really take it easy when she has such a prodigiously talented and brilliant daughter!

For Aishwarya, Bharatanatyam is a beautiful art form and a medium of self-expression. She is a disciple of Guru Radha Sridhar of “Venkatesha Natya Mandira” and learns Carnatic music under the able guidance of Guru Vasantha Madhavi.

According to Aishwarya: Guru Radha Sridhar is a fantastic teacher. I am very lucky to have her as a teacher. She never holds me back or restricts me in my performance. And she does not mind when I perform with other productions as well. She always supports and guides me.

Abhinaya: Aishwarya’s forte

Whenever I perform, I put myself in the character’s place and analyse how the character would react and then perform. This makes abhinaya easier.

Solo: her preferred way to go

Though she performs in both solo and group shows, she says:

I enjoy solo performances more than group presentations as in solo shows I feel I have complete freedom. There are limitations in group shows. You cannot be completely yourself.

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