Natural Healing & Yoga

Performing artists (dancers, musicians, choreographers, sound engineers, etc) are people with inborn creativity and talent. All art in the world have the source from the soul which only few realise. The moment we give credit to ourselves completely without the acceptance of the divine will within us, we loose connection to the soul and this declines the beauty, charm, innovative nature and depth in art.

The clarity that artists generally hold in the depth of thought and deed is affected. The clear cure for this enigmatic conflict is found in the healing methods of Natural Healing and Yoga which are complete in itself & address all aspects of an individual i.e., body, mind, emotions, intellect and soul.

Yoga is a holistic practice that address all levels of existence. Yoga is one of the greatest sciences time-tested for graining mastery over body, mind, emotions and the intellect. Artists find bliss when they give joy to others by their art, but due to the tendency to neglect their primary duty, i.e,, the preservation of the all important aspect of personal vitality, life is not as smooth for them.

Some await mastery of their art and many others, at the pinnacle of perfection, await an opportunity to exhibit their talent to the world. Patience is quintessential for them at this stage and is achieved by taking recourse to the Traditional Holistic Healing therapies and by following Yoga.

One can grow as artists only when they cultivate a strong faith in their art and also adapt to the present world. Adaptation without flowing off the essence of the art is they key to success.

Health is vital for all artists as fitness gives energy and glowing beauty from within that fails to fade even as they age. Artist spend a majority of their time learning and performing. This ascribes good mental, physical and emotional well-being. Artists are admired as role models for the preservation of this beauty that glows from within.

A true artist holds creativity, patience, concentration, emotional well-being, physical health, beauty and stamina. At Prithvi Natural Healing Center personal care is taken to enhance these factors. Here Counselling is an effective tool to develop strong will power to handle stressful situations. Stress relieving therapies & stress management techniques is further provided. As all the therapies in the Center are natural, they are both effective and safe. Doctor’s advice about a healthy diet is also given.

Artists are prone to body pains and muscular stiffness due to their stressful lifestyle. Acupressure & Reflexology techniques, Therapeutic Massage, Specific Yoga postures, Hydrotherapy and Aromatherapy too are provided at the Center to relieve the above. These therapies can also be taken on and off to prevent illness and to maintain health.

Since the Centre integrates the worlds best traditional holistic healing sciences like Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Yoga, it is very effective in addressing the requirements of the artists.

The one main aspect of these sciences is that they under-stand the indi-vidual at all levels & classify each individual on the basis of the ‘Five Elements’ mentioned above. They restore harmony in these elements and lead to a healthy state of balance in an individual.

Every one in this world is aspiring for a state of happiness and peace. This can only be achieved when we live a life-style in tune with the laws of nature. Let us be happy and content with the present and yet work harder for a better tomorrow.