grACEful DUO

For when Nirupama & Rajendra, the renown Kathak duo of Bangalore, dance in unison on stages across the globe, the spectacle that unfolds is best described as an aesthetic delight!

Emanating from a culturally rich stalwarts who have ever immersed themselves to the propagation of the performing arts, be it as of Harikatha Vidwans (The art of traditional story telling), musicians or as theatre personalities, has found takers in the present generation in the form of Niru and Raju (as they are fondly called by), who have unfolded their dreams and work incessantly to achieve untouched heights in the realm of performing arts.

Raju & Niru have been trained in Kathak and Bharathanatyam the two major classical dances of India, under eminent Gurus’ Smt. Maya Rao and Smt Kumudini Lakhia in Kathak and Choreography. Further Guru Smt. Narmada & Guru Padmabhusan Kalinidhi Narayan have imparted to them the essence of Bharathanatyam. They are graduates in Indian Dance Choreography from the College of Kathak & Choreography, Bangalore.

They hold the rare distinction of being the recipients of the “A TOP” grade, the highest artists ratings from the Indian Government Television Channel. They have also been featured on numerous National and International Television Channels across the globe.

It comes as no surprise that they have been well received by both the press & the public as choreographers of great promise. Conceptualizing themes from Indian mythology, literature, painting, sculpture & contemporary thoughts. To add, they have carried their innovative thoughts and have built bridges between the old & new schools of thoughts, incorporating new dimensions to classical dance.

They have traveled extensively and have performed at prestigious national and international events in India & abroad. Their artistic ability to transfer the joy and beauty of Indian dance through performances and teaching sessions have given them a special place among art lovers.

The Kajuraho Festival, Kathak Utsav, International Dance Alliance & Fine Arts Festival, Indo-German Cultural Society, Nrithyagram’s Vasanthahabba, The Uday Shankar Festival, SICA, International Festival (Maldives), The Summer Festival (London), Sampad Festival (UK), La’Artimon (Switzerland), Sole’i L Dor & MANDAPA (Paris) are among the many major cultural festivals in India they have performed in.

They have earned the rare honour of being included as cultural ambassadors to perform abroad. Further they are on the Indian Govt’s prestigious panel ‘The Indian Council for Cultural Relations’ (ICCR).

Raju and Niru have gained the distinction of being associated integrally in art collaborations with dance companies abroad like The Special Education Project commissioned by The South Asian Dance Agency, The British Arts Council invitation to choreograph an Indian Ballet which was presented at the Birmingham Royal Symphony Hall and “Shaskeen” an Irish Theatre Company to produce a fusion epic that brought together Indian & Irish Dance forms.

Their mission is to crystallize the classical arts essence and present them in creative ways to be able to reach a wide section of people through performances, training, choreography, dance in education, community & service oriented projects both in India & abroad.

They are the founders of Abhinava Arts Centre, situated at Bangalore. This is their premier institution promoting the two prominent Indian classical dance forms of Kathak and Bharathanatyam.

In all, they hold with them sincere enthusiasm and immense energy to outlay their unique creative abilities. The perfect recipe to don the garb of dedicated explorators to unearth the inexhaustive scope that the dance world has to offer.