Drishti Art Centre

Indian classical dance is an art form that speaks through manifold rhythmic patterns, melodic gestures and subtle facial expressions and in Bharatanatyam, passion, practice, and perseverance can alone help achieve excellence.

With a vision to provide a holistic learning experience, the Drishti Art Centre was established in 2001 as a pioneering centre for the practice and propagation of Bharatanatyam. The Centre is nurtured by the able guidance of Anuradha Vikranth, an accomplished danseuse.

With over 400 students currently being trained here, Drishti has been recognized as one of the premier dance institutes of our country. It is an honour that Drishti Art Foundation was awarded the National Education Excellence Award 2019 as the Best Classical Dance Training Institute, by the National Press Council of India and the Newspapers Association of Karnataka.

Drishti has a well-equipped indoor and outdoor studio in Sahakaranagar, Bengaluru for Bharatanatyam practice and learning. The dance studio is a thriving learning space with a traditional ambience, aesthetically created to inspire and encourage the spark of creativity in young artists.

As one of India’s oldest classical dance forms, Bharatanatyam brings together a vibrant ecosystem of storytelling, expressions, and music. To give students the best exposure and training, the Centre provides dance education coupled with music and yoga. Drishti Art Centre is a safe, nurturing learning space for budding dancers and experienced professionals alike, to take their classical dance education one notch up.

The Centre encourages perseverance and dedication to the practice, thus shaping many professional Bharatanatyam dancers under its wing. The students also showcase their art by performing at Nrityarpana, a biennial event. The grand event and beautiful choreographed and executed performances are eagerly awaited by the art-loving community.

Furthering our vision, the Drishti National Dance Festival is an annual calendar event that provides a platform to young performers, experienced classical dancers, and legendary performers alike.

What sets Drishti apart is the emphasis on complete education of the arts, which allows dancers to equip themselves with core knowledge of the art form. In turn, they use this knowledge for interpretations and to enrich their performance and skill.

It is no wonder, then, that the Drishti Ensemble is one of the most sought-after performing troupes today, travelling the length and breadth of the country to preserve this ancient art form. The Ensemble has received praise and patronage from every audience they have performed for and every stage they have graced.

Drishti Art Centre aims to serve as the focal point for classical dance education in the region, inspiring and educating young, eager minds to the power and beauty and magic of Bharatanatyam.

Their mission is to crystallize the classical arts essence and present them in creative ways to be able to reach to a wider section of people. They have given performances for many cultural organizations, dance festivals, corporate, government institution and won great appreciation for the same.

To name a few of their  performances:

BangaloreInternational Film Festival, Infosys PuligereUtsav, Tourism festival of Andaman Island, HampiUtsava, Dasara Mahothsava, ABU International Dance Festival-Doordarshan Delhi, Bangalore International Arts festival, Academy of music golden jubilee celebration, World Dance Alliance International Dance Festival,Vishwa Kannada Sammelana,Rasa Sanje National Dance Festival, AnanyaNruthyaNeerajana, VyasaRanga Taranga festival, HejjeGejje dance festival,KeremaneShamboHegdeRashtriyaNatyotsava, Nrutyaditya, 50 years Celeberation of RavindraKalakshetra, MukulaYugulaBahula classical dance festival, Nritya Nada Dance Festival, BTM Cultural Academy, Anubandha Awards- Colors Kannada, KSCAA annual conference, Jati Dance Festival, Ananya Kala Utsava, SaiNrityothsava, IkkeriUtsava, Lions international conference to name a few.