It is a unique MOONLIT ART UTSAV-an initiative to bring artists and art lovers closer in an exquisite open ambience.

Drishti Art Foundation and Satya Foundation have joined hands to organize ‘Kalapoornima’-a periodical cultural event around the Full Moon Day at Satyashri Cottage, Jakkur, Bangalore North. It is an attempt at making art interactive and experiential so that every individual can relate to it. In this event, one gets to enjoy and appreciate both nature and artin a rustic setup with nature as its backdrop. Here, roof is the moonlit sky!

At Kalapoornima
• One can experience the vibrancy of folk art.
• One can enjoy the beauty, melody and rhythm of dance and music by renowned artists.
• One can appreciate the fine arts of painting, sculpture.
• One can participate in fun-filled activities that will help you appreciate art better.
• One can interact with artists directly, have your queries answered, to understand art better.
• One can round it all off by savouring the diverse flavours of Indian cuisine.

✣ Kalapoornima 4 ✣

Saturday, April 5th, 2015, 6:00 PM at ” Satyashri “

* Hindustani and Fusion MUSIC CONCERT by PRAVEEN D RAO , FIAZ KHAN and Ensemble.
* Mohiniattam by GOPIKA VERMA, Chennai.
* VIRABHADRA KUNITA & NANDI DHWAJA KUNITA (Popular folk form of Karnataka) by Janmabhoomi Janapada Kalasangha, Mandya.
* Terracotta Jewellery Art by POORNIMA S. PRASAD.

✣ Kalapoornima 3 ✣

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013, 6:00 pm at “Satyashri”

* Music concert by Vid. Manasi Prasad & group.
* Indian contemporary & Martial Arts by Ranjan Mullart & Kalari Academy of Performing Arts.
* Puje Kunita (Folk form of Karnataka).
* Chittara Art by Chittara Lakshmakka.

✣ Kalapoornima 2 ✣

SUNDAY, JULY 1st, 2012, 6.00 pm at “Satyashri”

* Flute Recital by Vidwan Pravin Godkhindi (World renowned flutist).
* Eka Vyakti Yakshagana by Sri.Mantap Prabhakar Upadhya(Renowned yakshagana artist with more than 1500 shows to his credit)(Accompanied by the live music ensemble).
* Kamsale (Popular folk form of Karnataka ) by Janmmabhoomi Janapada Kalasangha, Mandya .
* Pottery and clay modelling.

✣ Kalapoornima 1 ✣

Saturday, APRIL 7TH, 2012, 6:00 pm onwards at “Satyashri”

* Percussion Ercussion Ensemble led by VID.Anoor Anantha Krishna Sharma accompanied by renowned musicians of India.
* Bharatanatyam by Tandava Group (Vibrant Bharatanatyam dance ensemble).
* Shilpakala by Sri. S. Manjunath Acharya (State and National Awardee) Dollu Kunitha.