Dance workshops & Lecture demonstrations

Drishti Art Foundation periodically organizes workshops, seminars and other related activities in collaboration with renowned artists/ organizations for the propagation of classical arts.

The institute provides for its students a holistic and complete learning experience in dance, with classes in music and yoga as a part of the curriculum along with the regular workshops and lecture-demonstrations by distinguished experts. One of the main aims of ‘ Drishti ‘ is to reach out as many people as possible to share the rich culture inherit in our classical art.


  • Kalaripayattu Charis of Natyashastra Workshop by Dr. Jayashree Rajagopalam at the Drishti Studio, 26 – 27/01/2019.
  • Indian Contemporary dance workshop by Vishwakiran at Drishti Studio, 10 – 13/05/2018.
  • Martial Arts Workshop by Ranjan Mularatt at Drishti Studio, 18 – 21/04/2017.

Lectures and Demonstrations

  • Dr. Rajashree Vasudevan’s talk on “Ethics in Entertainment: only to perform or also to reform” at Drishti Studio, 29/02/2020.
  • Visit of Dr. Leela Venkatraman to the Drishti Studio, 21/01/2018.
  • Dr. Sunil Kothari’s Lecture at Drishhti Studio, 16/04/2018.
  • Drishti Art Foundation and Aims Samanvay arranged a Lec dem- Natyagraphy by Dr. Vijaya Madhavan, Chennai at Drishti Studio, 20/09/2018.
  • Dr. Malini Krishnamurthy lec-dem on Ashtapadhis at Drishti Studio, 11/01/2019.

Few Memories of Drishti Dance Workshop/Lecture Demonstration