Drishti Art Foundation, A registered trust, was established by the young and dynamic couple Anuradha Vikranth and T M Vikranth to promote and propagate classical arts. It has been very challenging and exciting experience for this couple who have explored all possible mediums-be it a Classical dance training Institute, Publishing a magazine, Conducting dance an music festivals, workshops or seminars - to highlight and popularize classical arts across section of the society – from connoisseurs to a common man.


  • To provide support and sustenance to identified forms of Indian dance and music, as also crafts associated with performing arts, mainly through specialized training programme.
  • To preserve the variegated richness of the performing art traditions of India by providing direct substantial support to their training and performance activities
  • To create more performance opportunity to promote classical dance and music.
  • To provide scholarships to the worthy and talented artists.
  • To conduct workshop and seminars by the eminent personalities in the field for the transmission of learning from the older generation to the young.
  • To provide support to such forms, style, traditions etc. that do not otherwise receive encouragement in the normal course.
  • To establish, maintain, improve or extend, make donations to, aid or finance libraries, reading rooms, centers of study and the like which have at their end the advancement of arts and education of the public.




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